Update: XCOR Aerospace distributed a 52-page Lynx Payload User’s Guide on disc at the Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference. The guide is expected to be available for download on the XCOR website shortly. 

Citizen scientists who are thinking about flying payloads on suborbital spacecraft are advised to consult the relevant payload user’s guides. For many suborbital companies, these guides are still a work in progress. Some information is now available, though.

Citizen scientists who want to fly payloads on SpaceShip Two can download the Virgin Galactic’s 14-page Payload User’s Guide. Masten Space Systems has a 12-page Payload User’s Guide for its Xero vehicle, available for download here.

Blue Origin provides payload information on its website. XCOR Aerospace has not yet published a Payload User’s Guide but information on basic payload capabilities is available here.

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