Masten Space Systems Xaero-B VTVL rocket demonstrator

The Xaero-B is taking shape at Masten Space Systems.

Xaero-B is a replacement for the Xaero VTVL test vehicle that crashed last September. Xaero-B is not a mere copy of the original XAero, however. It incorporates numerous improvements. The payload bay is significantly larger and XAero-B is designed for higher-altitude flights (up to 6 kilometers).

Xaero-B is considerably larger as a result. Xaero was about 12 feet tall. Xaero-B will stand somewhere between 15 and 16 feet tall.

Xaero-B also sports a new boat tail that makes it look a lot like the spaceship Luna from Destination: Moon. More proof that Robert Heinlein had it right all along.

Written by Astro1 on March 25th, 2013 , Masten Space Systems

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