Matrix Games has just released Command: Modern Naval Air Operations, developed by Warfare Sims. Although billed as a naval and air warfare simulation, Command also includes a space satellite component.

According to Warfare Sims, the simulation includes satellites such as KH-12 imaging satellites, Jumpseat-2 signals-intelligence satellites and Russian radar ocean reconnaissance satellites (RORSATs), with realistic orbital characteristics, systems, capabilities and vulnerabilities. Historical data on each satellite’s orbital changes and operational lifetime will allow users to construct historically accurate scenarios. Satellites can be equipped with weapons, sensors, and other components from the game’s database.

The mention of weapons implies that antisatellite warfare is supported. Unfortunately, a forum comment and a YouTube video suggest that the feature is not yet working. The YouTube presenter was able to score a hit on a satellite, using an ASAT missile launched from an F-15, but the ASAT missile did no damage.

SimHQ has a detailed review of Command.

The game sells for $79.99 download only, $94.99 boxed, and runs on a Windows PC (XP or later). That might be a bit high for people who are only interested in the space-warfare component, especially with the lack of a functioning ASAT capability. Still, if you always wanted to be a military satellite operator but can’t afford your own military space program…

Written by Astro1 on October 8th, 2013 , Military Space

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